Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Posts on the Way

After a stretch in which I was watching and writing about Oscar nominated and winning movies ever week, I took a break to help plan a wedding, get married, honeymoon, and settle into married life with my amazing wife. Then the holidays came around, and the Every Oscar Ever project took a backseat. I managed to see a few Oscar movies during that stretch, but the project went largely ignored for a few months.

As Oscar season gears up and Turner Classic Movies's "31 Days of Oscar" approaches, I've found myself missing the Every Oscar Ever project, and I'm ready to dive back in. Tonight I'll be firing up The Defiant Ones, and Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt is working its way toward the top of my Netflix queue, so there will be plenty to write about in the near future.

While I haven't seen many Oscar movies over the past six months or so, I will update my numbers as a result of watching Total Recall, Harry and the Hendersons, True Grit (John Wayne, not Jeff Bridges), Poster Girl, and Alice in Wonderland. With the exception of Alice in Wonderland, which I was largely unimpressed by, I enjoyed each of these films, and strongly recommend the documentary short Poster Girl.

Remaining: 3147 films, 872 Oscars, 5420 nominations

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